Zante Virgin Guide

FIRST TIME IN ZANTE? After a short ten minute ride from Solomos airport to the heart of Zante, you will be ready to get your holiday jump-started. Zante is internationally known as one of Greece’s top party destinations. Leave all your worries and problems behind because there’s nothing but breath-taking sunshine, golden beaches, and beautiful people to look forward to. With a truly amazing range of Clubs, Bars, Events, and Attractions, Zante will leave you satisfied no matter what. From quiet and romantic evenings to magnificent parties, this island has it all. Even that boring friend that’s always the debbie-downer will be pleasantly surprised to find that Zante can strike a chord in their heart since there’s only one word everyone knows here and it’s: Fun. All the venues are unique and inspiring with everyone looking out for each other, making sure no one gets left out of the party. There are tons of places to get drunk and enjoy the relaxing vibes of Zante, but there is only one main place to really get down and dirty: The Main Strip of Laganas. Chaotic and vibrant, the strip is always full of half-naked partiers knee-deep in euphoria. YOU CANNOT MISS OUT ON THE LAGANAS STRIP! Find out the hottest joints and events to hit up during your holiday getaway in Zante with our help. We’ve scoured the entire island to determine the biggest events, parties and places to have a blast at! It is our goal to provide you with inside access and discounted tickets to tons of venues with promotional offers like free drinks, free entry and all sorts of other awesome deals. If you’re looking to party and have the time of your life! Laganas is the main strip in Zante where all the young and rowdy adults hang out, get drunk and live it up to the fullest. Located on Zantes famous Laganas strip you will also find all of the top rated clubs such as Rescue Club, Cherry Bay as well as some of Zantes most talked about events such as the Full Moon Party and Paint Party If you’ve never been to Zante before then it would be wise to check out our Zante events calendar for summer 2021. Here you will find a complete list of each and evert every event set for zante 2021. To avoid being stung by illegal ticket sellers and missing out on sold out events, we also recommend reserving your events online through our safe and secure checkout. For a full list of all the best clubs then visit our Zante club page. Here you will find all of what we consider to be the best liveliest Clubs in Zante. We hope you enjoy the website and we look forward to seeing you in Zante for summer 2021 During the summer period of Zante, from the month of May to August, encountering a rainy day is very rare. The temperatures range in a steady 30ºC to 40ºC which means there’s only strong sunshine for days on end. Fresh breezes are almost always present to gently caress your sunbathed skin. Below is a summary of each month’s weather plus two more. June: The daily temperatures range around an average 36ºC with nightly temperatures dropping to 25ºC. There’s usually only 3 chances of rain during this month. The relative humidity during June is 58%. Trust us, you will love Zante during this hot month. July: Daily temperatures range from 36-39ºC, and nightly temperatures drop to a range of 20-22ºC. Rest assured that there will only be one encounter of rainfall during this month, if at all. The relative humidity will stay mild at 56% in July. Pack your swimsuits since this is the time to party! August: Temperatures during the day will range from 39-41ºC while temperatures at night usually drop to around 20-22ºC. You’re in luck if you’re in Zante during the month of August; there’s no rain at all! The relative humidity is around 60%. Get ready to have a blast! Take advantage of Zante’s zesty summer period where there will be gorgeous people clad in their swimsuits ready to party!