Want to work in Zante this summer?

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Apply today and be one step closer to working in Zante this summer. Zante Working Holidays 2024!


If you’ve ever dreamt of spending a summer working in Zante, seize the opportunity now as Feelsummer.com proudly collaborates with some of the most renowned companies in the summer working holiday industry.

For those thinking of working in Zante for the first time, you have the following two options:


Embark on a solo adventure by arranging your own flight and accommodation to Zante. Upon arrival, you’ll need to be proactive approaching bars, restaurants, clubs, and attractions for potential job opportunities.

*Be cautious of venues requesting prolonged trial periods, as this could be a scam aimed at exploiting free labor.

Once you’ve secured a job, you’ll be halfway there to your ultimate summer. Your last task will be securing affordable worker accommodations, ideally by networking with fellow seasonal workers. We recommend initiating this process in May, providing ample time for arrangements.

While option 1 offers a sense of adventure, it may feel overwhelming for those unfamiliar with the process.


Simplify your journey by applying through a reputable working holiday agency. Let them handle the complexities, from finding secure worker accommodations to presenting job offers and facilitating job trials. Our partner agencies are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for aspiring seasonal workers.

If Option 2 aligns with your preferences, submit your application today to take a step closer to your dream summer holiday. Upon application, our partner agencies will promptly reach out, offering detailed information on the optimal pathway to work in Zante this summer.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now and let your summer adventure unfold effortlessly.