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Zante Clubs

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Zante White Party Hannah

Checkout the NEW top 4 clubs to visit in Zante this summer 2024


Rescue Club - Zante 2024


Rescue Club stands as Zante’s largest super-club, boasting an impressive capacity exceeding 2000. Situated at the heart of the strip, it serves as the epicenter for premier events in Zante such as the infamous UV Paint Party and the notorious Barmy Bingo. Prepare for an unforgettable experience within the pulsating walls of Rescue Club, where the excitement of the night comes alive in grand proportions. All events located at Rescue are available for purchase when booking with Feel Summer.

Events hosted at Rescue Club are UV Paint Party & Barmy Bingo

Zeroes Club - Zante 2024


Located adjacent to Rescue Club, Zeros Club also commands an impressive capacity, accommodating over 2000 enthusiastic partygoers. Renowned for hosting the biggest Foam Party in Zante, Zeros is a must-visit destination. Dive into an electrifying atmosphere where the beats are as vibrant as the experiences waiting to unfold at Zeros Club. Secure your access to all the thrilling events hosted at Zeros by booking through Feel Summer.

Events hosted at Zeros Club are Zeros Foam party

Sizzle Club  - Zante 2024


Nestled further down the strip, Sizzle emerges as an intimate yet vibrant club, featuring iconic events such as Welcome To The Jungle, The dynamic duo ‘Switch Disco,’ and the enchanting Wonderland. Unleash the excitement at this smaller gem on the strip, and secure your tickets effortlessly through Feel Summer for all the thrilling events hosted at Sizzle.

Events hosted at Sizzle Club are Welcome to the Jungle Wonderland & Switch Disco

Ikon club - Zante 2024


Located in the epicentre of the party zone – Ikon Club stands tall as a beacon of sophistication and high-energy entertainment in Zante. A neon-lit entrance sets the stage for a journey into opulent extravagance. Inside, modern design meets pulsating beats, with top DJs like Nathan Dawe , Tom Zanetti , and Joel Corry leading the sonic charge. All events located at IKON are available for purchase when booking with Feel Summer and are also available in our Ultimate Events Package

Events hosted at IKON Club are Tom Zanetti Nathan Dawe The VVIP Yacht Pre Party, & Bubble Trouble

To purchase Tickets for events hosted at each club checkout our Zante events page for a full list of every event happening in Zante this summer.