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Zante Fire Artist

Zante’s infamous PARTY ZONE (Laganas) is the epicentre of Zante’s Nightlife


Zante’s notorious Party Zone, located on Laganas Road (Known as the Zante Strip) is the centre of attraction for Zante’s Nightlife. To make it even better, the Party Zone is only a short walk from most hotels in the area.

Over the past years, Zante’s nightlife has grown from strength to strength, and is becoming more popular each year. Hosting DJs such as Camelphat, Solardo, Nathan Dawe, Hannah Wants to name a few…. you can see why Brits flock here in their tens of thousands every year.

In Zante’s Party Zone, you will find many clubs including Plus Club, Sizzle Club and Zeros Club. The Party Zone is also filled with bars, so you won’t struggle finding a place to drink and get ready for the night ahead. With a good number of top venues it is easy to bounce between bars and clubs all night.

The Zante Party Zone plays host to many events, including some of Zantes Biggest Events – The White Party – Zante Paint Party, Nathan Dawe, Bar Crawls and More!

The Party Zone is at its busiest from June – July. During this time, there will be numerous events each day. Due to the high demand in this time period, events do sell out, so we highly recommend pre booking.