Location - Laganas is in Zante - a Greek island Language - The language spoken in Zante is Greek Currency - The currency used in Zante is the Euro (€) Time Zone - Zante is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time. Fly to - Zakynthos International Airport, "Dionysios Solomos" (ZTH) Clubbing Location - The main party location in Zante is 'Laganas' Flight time from UK - Approximately 3.5 - 4 hours Airport Transfer Time - Travel time in a taxi to Zante is approx 20 min Temperature - Average of 24 - 30 °C in summer. Best Time to visit - June to August is the high season, for weather and nightlife. WELCOME TO YOUR ZANTE GUIDE 2021 After a short ten minute ride from Solomos airport to the heart of Zante, you will be ready to get your holiday jump-started. Zante is internationally known as one of Greece’s top party destinations. Leave all your worries and problems behind because there’s nothing but breath-taking sunshine, golden beaches, and beautiful people to look forward to. With a truly amazing range of Clubs, Bars, Events, and Attractions, Zante will leave you satisfied no matter what. From quiet and romantic evenings to magnificent parties, this island has it all. Even that boring friend that’s always the debbie-downer will be pleasantly surprised to find that Zante can strike a chord in their heart since there’s only one word everyone knows here and it’s: Fun. All the venues are unique and inspiring with everyone looking out for each other, making sure no one gets left out of the party. There are tons of places to get drunk and enjoy the relaxing vibes of Zante, but there is only one main place to really get down and dirty: The Main Strip of Laganas. Chaotic and vibrant, the strip is always full of half-naked partiers knee-deep in euphoria. YOU CANNOT MISS OUT ON THE LAGANAS STRIP! ZANTE LOCATION