Before booking your Magaluf hotels for 2022 we recommend you take a look at our top 5 Magaluf hotels below. From Adult only Party Hotels to the more chilled hotels we cover what we consider to be the best 5 Magaluf hotels. The below top 5 Magaluf Hotels results are based on Value for money, word of mouth from past customers and hotel facilities. For reference ADULT ONLY hotels do not allow children and offer a more party vibe around the pool and stage areas.

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HM Martinique 4* is a modern aparthotel in Magaluf, Mallorca, located just 3 minutes away from the Magaluf beach. The hotel includes fully equipped rooms and self-catering apartments, as well as a variety of places to eat and drink and plenty of entertainment, sports facilities and swimming pools. All Inclusive available

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4. HOTEL FLORIDA - Adults only

Hotel Florida offers a unique experience when staying in Magaluf. If you have a young and fun spirit and want to enjoy all that Majorca has to offer, sun, beach, party and a good atmosphere the Hotel Florida Magaluf is what you're looking for, a unique experience. Come and check it out!

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Magaluf’s Hotel Samos is located next door to BCM Night Club and Magaluf Square. Just 4 minutes walk from the beach and just 1 minutes walk to your nearest Bar. A great location for any one wanting a lively holiday. Hotel Packages include all inclusive options & self catering. Hotel includes: Day and night entertainment, Huge outdoor swimming pool and more.

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From the creators of IBIZA ROCKS, Magaluf’s Sol House The Studio is a fresh and modern hotel with new pool areas and a spectacular sundeck, Bali beds (*) and bar service, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, a fully equipped gym, daily Pool Parties and acoustic concerts. This adults-only hotel (+16) is just a short distance from the magnificent Magaluf beach and 1 minutes from the nearest Magaluf Bar.

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1. BH HOTEL - Adults only

BH Mallorca Magaluf’s number one party hotel. Boasting its very own Water Park, Outdoor Gym and the infamous island Beach Club. Hotel Packages included All inclusive Food and drink + access to all Island Beach Pool Parties such as KISS FM, Tom Zanetti, and much more. If your looking for a lively holiday then we 100% recommend BH Mallorca.

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So there we have it. 5 of Magaluf’s Best Party Hotels. If your still undecided on which hotel to stay then why not checkout our MAGALUF HOTELS PAGE for a full list of Magaluf hotels and prices.