Age Restriction
Opening Times
23:00 - 06:00

Venue Overview

  • dress codeDress Code: Smart Casual
  • ticketsTicket Price: From £26.00+
  • events heldEvents: Foam Party & UV Paint Party
  • club passMagaluf Club Pass: Club included with Magaluf Club Pass

There is a strict door policy here ­ only party people allowed!! Car Wash is not for the faint­hearted this is the craziest of all the MCP venues and the ultimate place to just let your hair down and have a night of pure fun and entertainment! Home to Magaluf’s famous Foam and Paint Parties which are a must see if you are up for a good time and an amazing experience for all.

Car Wash is located at the top of the Magaluf strip with the entrance right next door to Bananas (another of the MCP clubs). Head right for Bananas and left for Car Wash!

The largest venue of the group, Car Wash has always been known as the ‘party venue’ and an absolute must for those who just love a bit of cheese and the ultimate holiday atmosphere.

The club has a large dance floor to your left as you walk inside with a large square shaped bar in the middle of the venue to ensure you’re not waiting for your drinks. The stage overlooking the dance floor plays host to the Paint ammo and where the craziness really starts.

If you haven’t been to a Magaluf foam party before (where have you been!?!) then this needs to be at the top of your holiday bucket list. Once the countdown starts you will feel the whole atmosphere change in the club as everyone joins in 10,9,8.. eyes fixed on the huge machine directly over the dancefloor before it starts, 3,2,1……foam! lots of it! before you have chance to put your hands in the air you will be immersed in foam completely in over your head.

The whole dance floor is full within a matter of seconds and the place just goes wild. Remember what goes in the foam…stays in the foam!

If the foam wasn’t enough then we have what has fast become one of the busiest nights of the summer….Paint Glow Party! imagine a packed dance floor waiting in anticipation for one thing and one thing only… be covered head to toe in paint, UV paint!

By far the messiest of all our events, we recommend you save your favourite dress or ‘pulling shirt’ for another night. Don’t worry though we have boiler suits and goggles available to purchase at the club which just add to the whole crazy experience. You really do have to see this one to believe it!

Events held at Carwash

MCP Foam Party
The Biggest and longest runing boat party in Magaluf. (€25 Wristband Credit)
Sunday at Carwash Nightclub (MCP) 23:00 – 06:00

MCP UV Paint Party
The Biggest and longest runing boat party in Magaluf. (€25Wristband Credit)
Wednesday at Carwash Nightclub (MCP) 23:00 – 06:00

Magaluf Club Pass

MAGALUF CLUB PASS The MAGALUF CLUB PASS (MCP) is a combination of the 5 most popular nightclubs in Magaluf > Bananas, Boomerang, Carwash, Honeys, Tokio Joe’s and the Pre Club Bar called Boomerang terrace – all situated on Magaluf’s Main strip.

The one pass exclusively allows you access all five MCP clubs leaving you free to roam the streets and to explore Magaluf in style. (All our clubs are open from 11pm until 6am!)

By purchasing the Magaluf Club Pass you will also be entitled to 7 nights wristband credit (€30 Wristband Credit Per Night) and access to all of our crazy MCP events such as the Famous Carwash Foam Party, UV paint party and exclusive live performances from the likes of Cascada, Marc Wright, Geordie Shore, Devlin, Fatman scoop… A definite money saver when clubbing in Magaluf.

Simply flash your pass at each of our club doors and you’ll be granted access. One added perk to the PASS is that it will also eliminate the need to queue

See here For more information on the Magaluf Club Pass


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time does Carwash Club Open?

    Answer: During high season Carwash Club will open from 23:00 - 06:00
  • Is Carwash part of the Magaluf Club Pass?

    Answer: Yes! once you have your Club Pass, you will be able to enter the club for free and use your €30 Wristband Credit
  • Do any Events happen at Carwash Club?

    Answer: Yes through out the season we host the infamous UV Paint Party & Foam Party