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Magaluf Live (MCP)

Join us this summer for an eclectic lineup of live acts, TV personalities and parties, hosted at Bananas & Boomerangs. Entrance included with our Magaluf Club Pass
5 MCP Clubs
23:00 - 06:00
Official Tickets
  • Venue Access
  • €20 Drinks Credit
  • 1 x MCP T shirt 2024
  • Access to 5 MCP Clubs
  • Que Jump



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Join us this summer for an eclectic lineup of live acts, TV personalities and parties, hosted at Magaluf’s infamous MCP clubs – Bananas & Boomerangs.

As part of the MCP – Magaluf club pass, this summer we will be opening our doors every Tuesday & Friday at Bananas Nightclub (MCP) & every Thursday and Saturday at Boomerangs Nightclub (MCP).

Expect an atmosphere like no other as we welcome on stage, some of the biggest sort after Parties, TV personalities and DJ’s from around the world. Past appearances include Clubland, Cascada, Darren styles, Dan Osborn, Scotty T and many more.

For a full 2024 lineup on whose on this summer, check out our list of MCP LIVE parties above. or visit our Magaluf events page.

Once you have purchased your Magaluf club pass you won’t only get access to the one club where the event is taking place but as a bonus you will also gain access to all 5 MCP clubs, All situated on the Magaluf strip – which are Bananas, Carwash, Boomerangs, Honeys Lap Dance & Tokio Joes.

The pass will allow you to enter and re enter each MCP club as you please, with all clubs open from 23:00 – 06:00.

Our Club Pass also comes with pre loaded drinks credit available to spend in all our MCP Clubs – the amount of credit loaded on your wristband will depend on whether you choose to purchase our 1, 3, 4 or 7 night club pass.

As an extra bonus when you reserve you club pass online with Feel Summer you will also receive a special summer 2024 gift on arrival.

So what are you waiting for? start planning your dream Magaluf holiday now, by reserving your Magaluf club pass today!


Opening Times: 23:00 - 06:00

Age Restriction: 18+

Dress Code: Relaxed Casual

Location: Bananas & Boomerangs

Food : Snacks available inside venues

Access: The 1 pass will allow you access to all 5 MCP clubs, which are - Bananas, Carwash, Boomerangs, Honeys & Tokio Joes


COLLECTION POINTS: Boomerangs (Thursday and Saturday) & Bananas (Tuesday & Friday).

*Important: Please check-in at the club entrance between 23:00 & 02:00

You will need both your ID and e-ticket when collecting your wristbands


The Clubs open at 23:00 so the acts normally appear any time from 01:00 - 02:30

Most acts will offer pictures - most often taken in the VIP area after the Artists performance. However some acts are less willing so we can't promise Pictures with all of the Live Acts

During High Season all our MCP Clubs will be open from 23:00 - 06:00 every Night

Because its simple and easy! Bouncing between your favourite Magaluf Clubs. The pass is proven to save you money

The MCP is a combination of the 5 most popular nightclubs in Magaluf, Bananas, Boomerang, Carwash, Honeys, Tokio Joe’s and the Pre Club Bar called Icon – all situated on Magaluf’s Main strip. The MCP stands for the Magalluf Club Pass. The one pass exclusively allows you access to all five clubs leaving you free to roam the streets and explore Magaluf in style. The Pass also includes entrance to all MCP events ie Foam Party, Paint Glow Party and any Live Celebrity Events

Yes with the Magaluf club pass you will gain access to all the MCP Events scheduled whilst your in Magaluf. This includes an LIVE ACTS ie Cascada, Darren styles, Geordie Shore etc, FOAM PARTY, UV PAINT PARTY, WASHING MACHINE PARTY, GUEST DJ'S.

The one week pass is valid from the day you collect it (Any day of the week) If you arrive in Magaluf for a 1 week holiday it makes sense to collect it on your first night to get full value for your money.

This credit can be used at any MCP venue to purchase drinks, both local and premium brands, bar snacks and MCP memorabilia like T-shirts and phone pouches, etc…

Door & Bar staff will have smartband readers which will deduct credit every time you make a purchase

In case you run out of credit you can buy extra credit at any MCP door or pay directly to bar staff for your drinks, snacks, etc…