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NEW MAGALUF LAWS 2020 - *IMPORTANT! (Please read)


The Balearic Island Government passes new laws to tackle Excess alcohol abuse in Magaluf.

Please note that the following new laws only apply to the 3 main Balearic areas of Magaluf, Arenal and the West end of Sant Antonio.

Please also note that due to the new laws passed on Magaluf, Feelsummer has had to either alter or remove certain products, events or packages which no longer adhere to the new laws. If you have already purchased any All Inclusive Events from Feel Summer, then you will be contacted by one of our Feel Summer representatives in due course or alternatively you can contact

To begin the new laws will cover 5 main areas of action


From now on, advertising that aims to encourage alcohol consumption in tourism
establishments, as well as open-bars, happy hours or similar, will be prohibited. Self-service dispensers or off-licenses that sell alcohol must remain closed between 9.30 pm and 08.00 am

Don’t panic! You’re still allowed alcohol in Magaluf. The only real difference now is that venues will no longer be able to entice you into their Bars, Clubs, Events etc via 2 4 1 drink offers and venues will now no longer be able to offer All INCLUSIVE Alcohol.

Insight of the above you will not be able to buy any alcohol from off-licenses between 9.30 pm and 08.00 am.

The promotion of All Inclusive and excessive drinking has brought a bad image to Magaluf over the years, so such a ban is welcomed with the fore site of improving the image that Magaluf portrays on the world stage.


Dangerous practices that put people at risk will be prohibited throughout the whole of the Balearic Islands and not just within the territorial scope of this decree law.

People who, despite this law, carry out these practices, will be expelled immediately from the establishment and the action will be treated as a serious offence, both for those who practice it and for those who allow it.

In summary if you now get caught carrying out any dangerous practices such as Balcony Hopping then your holiday will be over and you will be deported back to your country.


The organisation, advertising and sale of bar-crawl excursions and/or ‘alcohol routes’ are now prohibited in (Magaluf)

In summary the Balearic government has put a complete ban on any promotions, sales or participation of commercialised Bar Crawls.

*Please note that if found participating in any Commercialised Bar Crawl then you may be fined and even arrested for participating in an illegal activity.

Planning your own bar crawl with you and your friends is allowed. Only the promoting and organising of a bar crawl for money is Illegal.

ALL BAR CRAWLS – Bar Crawls accounted for less than 5% of all events in the resort. All bar crawls have now been removed from Feelsummer and banned in the resort.


The prohibition of advertising party boats in Magaluf. Additionally, these kinds of excursions will be banned from picking up or returning customers to Magaluf.

In summary the advertising of any Boat parties in Magaluf is no longer allowed and is now classed as a criminal offence. However Purchasing Boat Party tickets in Magaluf, online or outside of Magaluf is allowed – only the promotion of Boat Parties is not allowed.

Boat parties will still be running but under the new laws – No promotion of FREE Alcohol will be allowed and customers will now have to board their return transfers outside of the Magaluf zone (2 min walk from Magaluf) . See your Magaluf Booze Cruise page for more update info on meeting points and transfer locations etc.
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As the laws have recently come into play please be aware of any companies/websites continuing to promote the illegal sales of Bar Crawls/Tours or All Inclusive Events.As the law states these types of products are now illegal – however we are aware of certain websites that will try to trick you into purchasing bar crawls or all inclusive events so please take care. Any questions please email


Despite of the negative press around the new Laws, business owners in Magaluf have already taken the necessary changes that will only improve the resort.

The Brand New BCM Nightclub, that has been fully refurbished – prepares to open their doors with world class international DJ’s and the biggest celebs.

Island Beach Club prepares to announce their array of world class pool parties for 2020

Plus plenty more world class events to be announce over the coming weeks.

In conclusion – the above changes are all in an attempt to positively promote Magaluf and create a better quality experience – eliminating unsociable behaviour which is all to often related to alcohol abuse in Magaluf. In effect the new laws will only make the Bars and Clubs of Magaluf busier as more tourists will now no longer be able to abuse an all Inclusive Free Bar till the early hours.

Insight of the new laws, Magaluf is still and will continue to be one of the biggest party resorts in Europe, attracting hundreds of thousands of Sun kissed holiday makers every year from around the world. Host to the world Famous BCM Mallorca, Pirates Reloaded, Western Water Park, Island Beach Club, multiple World class Events and Festivals – Magaluf remains the ultimate choice for any person wanting the ultimate summer clubbing holiday 2020. Such new laws will only improve the tourist area of Magaluf.

Bring on Magaluf 2020

For more information on Events scheduled for Magaluf 2020 checkout our Magaluf Events calendar here.

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