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You’ve been planning it for months and it’s finally here. Your bags are packed and you and your pals are on the way to the airport for your first holiday away together.

You’re all set with sun cream, beach towels and you’ve even brought along some speakers for the hotel room. Everyone is absolutely buzzing! Just as they drop you off, one of your parents slips a packet of condoms into your bag and gives you a knowing wink.

“Be sensible, stay safe and don’t drink too much”… yeah okay, mum.

Get ready for the summer of your life! All your Magaluf dreams are about to come true…

First holidays are full of classic scrapes – from airport antics to beachside blunders. At times it can be a bit stressful to organise, but at we’re here to help you plan your epic trip and remove all the hassle.

You’re going to see and experience some pretty insane things while you’re away, and all you have to do is embrace every second – the ups and the f*ck ups!

So let’s celebrate some of the most common holiday f*ck ups.
If one of your friends says they’ll print out your boarding pass, be careful. Nine times out of ten, it will turn up 100 times the normal size. Try getting on the plane with that…

When you get to Magaluf, you’ll be chatted up by illegal street sellers, trying to rip you off with tickets and offering discounts to go into random bars. Here’s a little tip: if a guy called Pablo, with a thick Geordie accent, tries to make you an enticing offer, don’t do it!

True story – we know a guy who got so drunk on his first night, he ended up spending half of his holiday money buying a bicycle with flat tyres from a homeless guy. It took him a while to see the funny side!

To avoid getting ripped off, you can get tickets for all of Magaluf’s hottest events right here on Pay a deposit now and sort out the rest when you arrive in the resort – easy peasy!

After a wild night out, you’re going to be tempted to jump in the hotel pool on your way home. It’s pretty risky, but as long as you don’t do it in your own hotel, you should be fine.

Go hard or go home right? Nothing takes lads and lasses holidays all the way to 100mph as quickly as bets, dares and forfeits.
Losing a bet on your first holiday in Magaluf can be brutal. From the classic mankini forfeit to the random tattoo dare – anything goes in Maga! Pretty funny shizzle, as long as it doesn’t involve you… just make sure you don’t lose in those drinking games!

Whether it’s your first or twenty-first holiday away with your mates, we hope you have an incredible time. Don’t forget, we’re here to help you make the most of it, so check out our events calendar here and get planning.

If you’ve got any funny stories from your first trip away, we want to hear them. Share your embarrassment with us now on Twitter, Facebook or email them to

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