DBE FEST – Ibiza Rocks

Prepare to be blown away because DBE FEST is making a triumphant return, and this time, it's not just for one or two, but for THREE epic dates at Ibiza Rocks!

Ibiza Rocks
2pm - 9pm
Official Tickets
  • Access to Ibiza Rocks
  • Ft: Very Special Guests
  • Dance Floor + Pool Access
  • Waiter Service (VIP customers only)
  • Reserved Seats & Table (VIP customers only)
  • VIP Bar (VIP customers only)
  • Towel Hire (VIP customers only)
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Prepare to be blown away because DBE FEST is making a triumphant return, and this time, it’s not just for one or two, but for THREE epic dates at Ibiza Rocks!

In 2024, D Block Europe is rewriting the rules of UK rap, solidifying their status as the biggest-selling UK rap act of all time. With their chart-topping album ‘Rolling Stone,’ Dirtbike LB and Young Adz have set the stage on fire, marking a historic moment in their career. After a sensational 5-date sold-out tour across London and Manchester, they’re jetting off to the White Isle for an unforgettable trilogy of performances on Thursday, 13th June, 11th July, and 1st August.

Remember how DBE Fest 2023 sold out in the blink of an eye? Well, 2024 promises to be even bigger, bolder, and more sensational. This is not just an event; it’s a cinematic experience waiting to unfold. So, mark your calendars and secure your tickets because you won’t want to miss out on this blockbuster extravaganza!

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Location: Ibiza Rocks

Age Restriction: 18+

Towel Service: Towel Hire (VIP customers only)

Opening Times: 2pm - 9pm

Last entry: 20:00

Food Available: Yes


Checkin: Ibiza Rocks Hotel from 14:00, last entry 20:00.

*Important: Please present your Passport or ID card when collecting your tickets at IBIZA ROCKS.


on arrival at the event, all guests must present identification at the door. Entry will be strictly denied to any guests found to be under the age of 18, and no refunds will be issued in such cases.

While our events may have varying start and end times, as a general guideline, doors typically open at 2pm and close at 9pm. Please check the specific details for each event to ensure accurate timing for your planned attendance.

Early entry ticket holders should note that the last entry is at 16:00. If you have reservations for Table, Bed, or Sofas, we recommend arriving by 17:00. The final entry for all our events is at 20:00. Please plan your arrival accordingly to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Certainly, we offer a delectable venue menu that encompasses a range of offerings, from premium bottles to pizzas, catering to both ticket holders and those with Bed, Table & Sofa reservations. Our menu is thoughtfully curated to accommodate diverse dietary preferences, including options for vegetarians, vegans, and those requiring gluten-free choices.

The Ibiza Rocks team, assigns spaces according to your group size, ensuring a tailored experience for all. Whether you're grooving in the pool, enjoying the iconic hot pink terrace, or partying on the balcony overlooking the action, rest assured you'll have an unparalleled event experience with fantastic views and incredible sounds.

The pricing structure for our VIP spaces is event-dependent, comprising two components: a reservation fee and a food and drink credit.

The reservation fee is the collective payment made by your group to secure the space for the entire day. Meanwhile, the Food and Drink credit is the sum reimbursed to your group, intended to be spent on food or beverages during the event.

To illustrate, consider a scenario where a Standard Pool Bed is priced at €480 for 4 people, with an €80 reservation fee. In this case, your group would receive a €400 credit to be utilized on the day for the purchase of your preferred food and drinks.

If you're lodging in San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks is conveniently situated within a brief five-minute stroll from both the West End and Sunset Strip. Opting for a taxi to reach the venue won't exceed €10.

For those not accommodated in San Antonio, a viable option is to take a bus from various resorts across the island to the San Antonio Bus Station, followed by a roughly 10-minute walk to Ibiza Rocks. Alternatively, upon departure, a taxi rank is conveniently located just outside the hotel for your convenience.