Cancun Spring Break Guide 2023

Spring Break 2023 is that time of the year when the party never stops. From mid February right through to April, Cancun hosts the best events and parties in the world, with thousands of college students and holidaymakers from across the globe flocking to the resort. At Feel Summer, we don’t know a better vacation than Spring Break in Cancun.

From the neon lights and loud music to red solo cups and open bars, Cancun comes alive during Spring Break. You can expect non-stop wild parties, day and night, from the beaches of the Caribbean Sea to the late-night parties in the Superclubs across town. Only VEGAS & IBIZA is worthy of a comparison to the nightlife in Cancun!

This tropical paradise has been the top destination for Spring Break since we can remember and with good reason. With over 200 bars and nightclubs hosting wild events, you are spoilt for choice every night! From the infamous D’CAVE Nightclub and their wet t-shirt and bikini contests, to The City welcoming the biggest international names in music; Cancun has got plenty of fun and entertainment in store for you. For full lineup of all the events scheduled for Cancun Spring Break 2023 see our Cancun Events calender here.

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