Check out our Exclusive  feelsummer Interview with one of Magaluf’s finest DJ's NIGEL BOYCE . Exclusive to feelsummer NIGEL shares his Magaluf Journey so far starting with where and how it all began.

Nigel Boyce

Home Town
Belfast, United Kingdom

DJ name
DJ Nigel Boyce

Hi Nigel, what do you think to Magaluf’s new clubbing website ‘’
I think its fantastic It gives a great insight to the Magaluf Nightlife. Its a great idea for the holiday makers to click on to see what clubs are best to suit there needs and see up and coming events and what DJs are playing!

When did you first start DJing
Started DJ-ing in 2004 Playing in and around Belfast then made the step to go abroad and broaden my horizons and thought Magaluf looked like a fun place to be..

When did you first arrive in Magaluf
I came to Magaluf in 2007 for a holiday with the lads and had a great time,then next year i was offered to go over and work and jumped at the chance and havent looked back!

Where can we find you DJing in Magaluf and when
You can Catch me almost every night in Coyote Ugly in BCM square also Workers parties like Mashed @ Boomerangs , Lifted @ Club M, REEM @ Grabbanna grus and every so often a pool party @ Mallorca Rocks.

How did you end up a resident DJ in BCM Square
When I came over to work in Magaluf in 2008 i didnt start of as a DJ..I started of working in a bar in BCM Square for a few weeks which was great fun, then the manager heard through the grapevine I Played in big clubs in Belfast and offered me a job DJ-ing and progressed from there.

Can you explain your first ever DJ set at BCM Square
It was in Coyote Ugly..Lets just say it was a bit of a blur, One too many Jagerbombs! lol

As Magaluf is seasonal can you tell us what you’ve been doing this winter
Came back home to Belfast in October and was offered a Residency in one of Belfast Biggest and most happening Nightclubs¨ EIVISSA¨ Also been trying to get my name out there by doing some guest mixes on a few Radio stations which is great publicity for me..

When are you back in Magaluf
Start-Mid April

Are you looking forward to Magaluf summer 2012
Yea cant wait, Itll be great to get back to the madness again and see all the workers... My Liver is dreading it tho lol

What should holiday makers  definitely do whilst in Magaluf
Get yourselves to Mallorca Rocks on a Tuesday Night, Some of my best nights have been there with some Massive acts.... Its a definite MUST!!

What should holiday makers avoid doing whilst in Magaluf
I Made the mistake of shaking a prostitutes hand while I was walking up the strip forgetting what she did for a living...Lets just say the next PR I saw didnt have to persuade me that much to come into the bar!!! I was straight to the bathroom to wash my hands! lol

Have you any advice for any one who is thinking of working in Magaluf
Do it!!! Ive met some awesome people, made some great friends and had some really Unbelievable nights out...You wont regret it!!

If you was to sum up Magaluf in one sentence what would you say
Best days of your life..

Finally would you like to give a shout out to any body or any place out there
A massive thank you to Javier Pedreira Hernandez who sorted me out getting me my first DJ gig on the island all those years ago.. Also a Big shout to Tom Cunningham AKA (Hansom Tom)  who has put up with me the last 3 years, DJ Chris Williams for all the great advice, Scott Maughan, Paul Cooke, Frenchie, Pablo funk & Uli Stanke for the oppertunity to play at all the workers events.. and last but not least the BCM Square staff, without you guys it wouldn't be the place it is today!! Its been an amazing 4 years and heres to say Magaluf 2012is gonna be an even better one!!

So their we have it peeps - NIGEL BOYCE living the dream in MagalufIf you wanna hear more from NIGEL BOYCE then check out his facebook page below.