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Check out our exclusive  feelsummer Interview with one of Magaluf’s most talented DJ’S – LIAM LONDON. Away from the music Liam talks about his first ever DJ set in Magaluf and about his experience of Magaluf so far.


Liam Oliver

Home Town  

London/Kent, UK

DJ name

Liam London

What do you think to Magaluf’s new clubbing website ‘

The website looks really good and informative, good job!

When did you first start DJing

I started DJ’ing in the mid 1990’s in my bedroom and then with the help of friends and an older sister I started playing in underground raves and bars.

When did you first arrive in Magaluf

I first arrived in Magaluf in 2001 before that I was living near to Barcelona.

Where can we find you DJing in Magaluf and when

I tend to move about quite a lot, in the past I was a resident at Tokio Joe’s Nightclub and before that BCM. This summer (2012) I’d imagine the best thing to do is ask a worker and I’m sure they’d help you find me!

Describe your style?

I came from Drum & Bass roots but shortly after moving to Spain I found myself listening & playing lots of House and Techno. Magaluf has a cheesy music element about it so in order to get paid you sometimes have to switch your style to suit the crowds. I can be playing House one minute the next Dubstep and R&B then if required a really cheesy holiday anthem!

How did you end up DJing in Magaluf

I had been working in Lloret de Mar and finished two seasons there, at the time the Garage scene had blown up and I was all set to fly off to Aiya Napa but some friends had mentioned Magaluf and seeing as I spoke some spanish I thought I’d give it a go, I haven’t looked back since.

Can you explain your first ever DJ set in magaluf and where it was at

I think my first ever DJ set was in a bar called Fantasy Island, which is now the Red Lion on the main strip. I remember walking in and hearing the Dj playing really hard dance and the crowd not really dancing or enjoying themselves. I introduced myself to the manager and the next day i found myself doing a trial. It went down really well and I started working on a nightly basis.

Can you Describe your funniest moment when djing magaluf

There’s been a few! But as a DJ my funniest moments have to be when I’m playing party games with the holiday makers. We play a game called flaming arse hole. The lucky guinea pig or contestant has to pull there trousers down insert a length of toilet paper into there bottom and hold a pint of larger in one hand. When I shout go they must proceed to down the larger but there’s a twist! We set fire to the toilet paper!! So the aim of the game is to finish your pint before the flames singe your bum! I can remember one chap taking part and after finishing his pint he then tried to remove the smoking cinders of paper from his bottom but it was securely wedged in there! We all laughed in tears as he writhed in agony whilst trying to located the last piece of paper! Can i just add his taking part was voluntary!

As Magaluf is seasonal can you tell us what you’ve been doing this winter 

Well for the last two years I have been DJ’ing and relaxing in Thailand but this year I have stayed in Mallorca and am currently learning music production.

When are you back in Magaluf

I can be there in 5 minutes if I jump in my van!

Are you looking forward to Magaluf summer 2012 

Yes I am, there’s been so many developments here and progress is good! I can see 2012 being one of the best yet!

What should holiday makers  definitely do whilst in Magaluf 

Apart from come and listen to me? Well, you should definately catch a top performer at one of Magaluf’s clubs or a concert at Mallorca Rocks hotel. Taking part in a pub or booze cruise is always a winner. Enjoy the beaches and dance your flip flops off!

What should holiday makers avoid doing whilst in Magaluf 

Ok…..lads would need to stop renting quads and mopeds and driving about like morons especially without a helmet, if the police catch you you looking at a hefty fine. Avoid the urge to get a stupid tattoo and 5am. Keep away from the local prostitutes, stop littering and chill out make love not war! RANT OVER!

Have you any advice for any one who is thinking of working in Magaluf 

I reccomend booking a short holiday and in that time if you like it and can see yourself working here ask for a job, if you cut the mustard your hired! Make some friends and rent an apartment. If you get stuck for somewhere to live I’d happily help you! Knowing the lingo isn’t essential in Magaluf but it can help.

If you was to sum up Magaluf in one sentence what would you say


Finally would you like to give a shout out to any body or any place out there
Just to all the workers as without them Magaluf wouldn’t be the same. Also to anyone I’ve worked with and to all my bosses over the years. PEACE

So their we have it  – Magaluf’s finest LIAM LONDON. If you wanna hear more from DJLIAM LONDON then check out his facebook link below or for more of his latest mixes check out his sound cloud link below.