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Danny Howard Interview Magaluf 2014

If there’s one diamond in the rough that sparkles brighter than the rest – it’s Danny Howard.

Since BBC Radio One unearthed the hidden gem in a 2011 DJ competition on the Chris Moyles Show, Danny’s profile has gone stratospheric.

The Blackpool native saw a meteoric rise to prominence from bedroom DJ to superclub superstar almost overnight.

He cut his teeth with a big time debut at Radio One’s Ibiza weekend in the summer of 2011.

But his supreme talent, passion for electronic dance music and hunger to succeed saw him land his own Dance Anthems show on the station playing to millions of listeners worldwide every Saturday evening.

The step up to the world stage was a quick one – playing superclubs across the globe including Magaluf’s BCM and residencies at Ministry of Sound Egypt and Syndicate in Blackpool.

Now the 26-year-old’s big room “sexy house” sound has become a dancefloor trademark – electrifying clubbers with hands-in-the-air breakdowns, hard kicks and dirty basslines.

In three short years Danny has become a successful producer with megastars David Guetta, Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold supporting some of his recent releases. This summer he heads back to the Balearic Islands to play a huge headline gig at BCM ­– the club where he raved away his first lads’ holiday as an 18-year-old dance music fan. Feelsummer caught up with Danny for an exclusive interview ahead of his big return to Magaluf.



Q: So Danny it’s been 2 years since we last talked in May 2012. Tell us about what you’ve been up to.

A:Has it really been 2 years?! I’m not even sure where to begin! Well, Dance Anthems has been going from strength to strength – we’re pulling in over 2 million listeners each week now which is just incredible, add to that a weekly show on SiriusXM in the US too… I’ve been playing all over the world at some amazing venues, I’ve released two albums and been spending more time in the studio producing – now it’s summer so I’m back at BCM!

Q: You have played some massive venues – what are your favorites or most memorable so far and why?

A: That’s a hard one because I’ve been fortunate enough to play at some really incredible venues… I guess Space in Miami and Pacha in New York have got to be the two that particularly stand out just because they’re such iconic clubs, but then at Sandance in Dubai I played to 15,000 people which is something else entirely…

Q: How does playing at Magaluf’s BCM compare on the world stage?
A:BCM is up there with the best without a doubt… It’s a top venue with incredible production and sound (which is obviously very important!) and the party atmosphere that the guys have got going on every single night is fantastic – it’s a really fun night and I look forward to it every week.
Q: Quite a few years back you where DJing in your local student union and now your DJing at some of the biggest events in the world and supporting the legendary Judge Jules. How does it feel?

A: I’m not sure there are the words to describe it to be honest! I feel very fortunate and thankful for the opportunities that I’ve been given and I try to give them my all every time! As I’m sure it is for any aspiring DJ, to play these places with people like Judge Jules is a dream come true…

Q: Can you tell us about some of the special guests you have lined up for Judgement Tuesdays this summer?

A: Well we’ve got the likes of Eddie Halliwell, Ferry Corsten and Aly & Fila all playing at BCM over the summer who are all Judgement favourites. Every single night is going to be an awesome party and I’m looking forward to playing alongside the guys!

Q: BCM has a legendary sound system – What is it like playing your set on the Rolls Royce of sound systems?

A: Like I said before, the sound is one of the most important parts of any night so to know that BCM recognize that fact have it covered (and if you’ve been to the club, you’ll know that ‘covered’ is something of an understatement!) it all just adds to the reasons why BCM and Judgement throw such legendary parties!

Q: For someone who has never been to a Judgement night at BCM – what can they expect?

 A:Amazing music, world-class DJS, some of the best production and of course, a little added carnage thrown into the mix!

Q: Have you got any surprises up your sleeve for the crowd in Magaluf or any new tunes?

Well I won’t be DJing naked because that didn’t go down so well last year but I can guarantee plenty of good music and a few surprises, but you’ll have to come along to find out what!

Q: Will you get chance to enjoy the sites whilst in Magaluf?

A: Yes definitely, I always feel so fortunate to be able to regularly play in places like Magaluf that I try to make the most of each visit, to see friends and the beaches, and not to just land > play set > fly home like some gigs can be!
You are playing some huge events this year including Global Gathering , Pacha Ibiza, Cream Ibiza and the Radio 1 weekend in Ibiza – tell us about those…
It’s a bit of a dream summer to be honest! Global was the first festival that I ever went to so to return and be playing on such a massive stage (The Hangar – check it out) alongside some of the biggest names pretty exciting! As for Ibiza –Well, this is basically where I’m living for the summer and I can never quite get my head around it. The weekly residency at the legendary Pacha is surreal and a club I’ve dreamed about playing ever since I first went. Then to add in the madness of Cream Ibiza and the place where it all started properly for me… Radio 1 in Ibiza, I think this summer is going to be pretty special.

Q: The last few years have incredible for you, what do you hope the next 10 years will bring?

A:I just hope that I’m able to be working as hard as I am now, that I’m established both on radio and as a producer, and more than anything, that I’m in a position where I’m able to break new artists and give new talent the platform that I was so lucky to be given. I’ve got my brand ‘Nothing Else matters’ that I’ve been building to help me do that and I’d love to see that as a worldwide venture eventually…
It’s hard to say though because ten years ago, I could never have told you that any of these would be my goals – you never know what’s round the corner so at the moment I take each opportunity as it comes and give it my all.

Q: Well Danny keeping it short and sweet do you have any shout outs for our summer crowds of Magaluf 2014?

A: Eat your greens and make sure you’re in bed by 10 (am).

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