Top Tip 1 – Plan your time in Zante

Zante (Laganas) is one of the most popular clubbing resorts in Europe. To avoid sold out events plan you events ahead and reserve them via a small desposit online. You can pay the final balnce in resort. Use our events Calendar to help

Top Tip 2 – Always wear sunscreen!

Remember no one ever said sun burn looks attractive. Zante can get very warm over the summer months so make sure you cream up well.

Top Tip 3 – Avoid illegal street sellers.

Save time and money by reserving your event tickets online. It’s safe, secure and will avoid you getting ripped off by any illegal street sellers.

Top Tip 4 – Save money on drinks and events

Pre order your feelsummer Zante wristband and save money on all your in resort purchases. The wristband comes free with most events (Check each event description for more info)

Top Tip 5 – Pace yourself

Avoid going to hard from day one and pace yourself. Drink plenty of water and throw in a chill day to re charge

Top Tip 7 – Use a safe

Keeping your money safe should be high in your priortes. Always store your valuables ie money, watches, ipads in a lockable safe.

Top Tip 8 – Don’t go skinny dipping at night

However tempting it gets, it really isn’t worth it. It’s dangerous and your pretty much guaranteed to get your belongings stolen.