Nathan Dawe - Zante 2019

Nathan Dawe is back in Zante Zante may as well be Nathan Dawe’s second home. He’s back again this year and it’s guaranteed to go off once more. He smashed it last year, but he’s got some unfinished business and he won’t rest until he blows your mind! If you’re not familiar with Nathan Dawe you must have been living in a cave. This flexible, multi-genre artist has a great story. His meteoric rise has taken him from Soundcloud to Creamfields in just a few short years. He brings out tunes to suit everyone and he’s not afraid to mix it up a bit and keep it fresh. This DJ has got his mixing fingers in so many genre pies – his tunes are always full of good vibes. Check out this little beauty to get you the mood for summer: If you’re not desperate to get tickets after watching that then there must be something wrong with you. Get a marker pen and write this on your friend’s head so you don’t forget: Nathan Dawe’s residency at Plus Club, Zante will take place every Friday between 22nd June and 27 th July, from 11pm til 4am. Tickets are just £25 and you can get them right now on Make sure you book today so you don’t miss out. We’ll be there! All dates last year were sold out, and we are expecting these tickets to go even faster. Pull your finger out and get yourself on the list for one of these incredible parties. You don’t want to be that desperate looking creature, sat on the outside while everyone else is inside having the time of their life. Trust us; this is one you really don’t want to miss. Summer is only round the corner so it’s about time you got planning your trip to Zante – it will be here before you know it. Kick your plans off with a bang by guaranteeing your spot at one of the summer’s most popular nights.