DJ Danny T set for Zante 2018

For most people, Monday’s are the worst day of the week… it’s literally the furthest point away from the next weekend. When you’re in Zante though, every day is a weekend and Mondays are shaping up to be pretty good this summer! The legend that is DJ Danny T has just announced his residency at Plus Club… and you’re all invited. Every Monday from 11 June to 27 August, you can be a part of one of this summer’s hottest parties. The message from the man himself is simple: “DRESS FOR A MESS!” These nights are going to be crammed full of banging tunes and filthy moves… oh yeah… and there’s going to be tonnes of f**king paint! You’ll be blasted with paint cannons and balloons to help you get down and dirty. If you don’t go home looking like you’ve lost a fight with a rainbow, then you haven’t had a proper night. We would recommend that you don’t wear your smartest outfit for this, because as Danny T said, it will get messy. The paint is water based though so you don’t have to worry about getting any in your eyes or swallowing it. In fact, it might even taste good with a bit of vodka in it. This is definitely one for you and your friends to try while you’re over here. You might even get lucky, but be careful… paint can hide a lot of a person’s looks – so make sure you check their ID… just in case they’re minging. You can expect drunkenness, nakedness and plenty of regrets – the perfect summer bash! There will also be plenty of prizes to give away including free champagne and cash draws, to help you get extra pissed. Get your tickets for this mega party right now on and give yourself a night to look forward to. This event will be one of the highlights of your summer for sure! It’s an absolute bargain at just £20, but they’re guaranteed to sell out quick, so make sure you don’t miss out. If you’re quick, you can save yourself a fiver as well. As part of our early bird deal, the first 100 tickets sold for each event will only cost £15. How generous are we? If you’re after a flavour of what to expect, check out the funky vibes DJ Danny T brings to the Lion King soundtrack – it’s like no Disney tune you’ve ever heard before.