Magaluf Discount Wristband


What's Included

  • Exclusive Event Discounts
  • Exclusive Excursion Discounts
  • Exclusive Restaurant Discounts
  • Exclusive Bar Discounts


  • Pirates Reloaded - €5 off
  • Full Moon Party - €5 off
  • Gringos Bingo- €5 off

For a full list of all our offers - download our 2023 WRISTBAND OFFERS PDF


  • Pirates Adventure - 15% off
  • Western Water Parky - 20% off
  • Blade Runner - 10% off
  • Katmandu - 10% off
  • Dolphin Boat - 20% off
  • Marineland - €5 off
  • Pirates Reloaded - 20% off
  • Boat Rentals - 10% off
  • Helicopter Tours - 10% off
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride - 10% off
  • Quad Tours - 10% off
  • Virtual Reality - 10% off

For a full list of all our offers - download our 2023 WRISTBAND OFFERS PDF


  • Thai Pan - 15% off
  • Blackbeards - 10% off food before 19:00
  • Bottomless Brunch - €5 off
  • Plaza Emporiyum - 10% off
  • La Bodega - TBA

For a full list of all our offers - download our 2023 WRISTBAND OFFERS PDF



At all of our affiliated venues you’ll see our Feelsummer logo on display. To receive low prices simply present your wristband for scanning.

Upon scanning your ticket prices will then be edited to our exclusive low prices assigned to all of our Wristband holders only!


Feel Summer is proud to present Magaluf’s Number 1 discount wristband. Enjoy an array of discounts & special offers throughout Magaluf and Mallorca. Used to its full potential, you could save up to €300.00 in resort!! Savvy sun-seekers are already snapping up the ultimate Feel Summer discount wristband with unbeatable offers, for the resort’s top venues and attractions.

The Feel Summer wristband gets you the best discounts and special offers Magaluf has to offer – all for just £10.00. Magaluf’s only official wristband is a holiday essential to help you save on everything from Events and Excursions, to Water Sports and dinner shows.

Save money at the finest restaurants Mallorca has to offer. Plus, you do not want to miss out on discounts for Boat Rentals, Water Parks and more!

There are plenty of imitations out there – but the Feel Summer wristband is the official band for your Magaluf holiday this summer, which helps make your money go further. The Feel Summer team is bagging new deals all the time, to make your Magaluf holiday bigger and better than ever!

When used to its maximum potential the wristband can save over €300 – and all for just £10.00. There are just 5,000 on sale – so reserve a band now to start your summer off with style.

You will be able to use your Feel Summer discount band at all of the Magaluf venues & excursions stated on this page. The offers stated have been set up to be offered exclusively to those wearing a Feel Summer wristband.

Summer Vibes with

**** *Wristband valid from 1st March 2023 till 30th October 2023 ****

Delivery & Collection

Collection (3-7 working days) to the UK and Europe.

Refunds: Once used this Product is non-returnable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the Wristband Valid?

    Answer: The Feel Summer Wristband will be Valid form 1st March - 30th October 2023
  • How does the wristband work?

    Answer: Simply flash your wristband at each of our venues and you'll receive your discount.
  • Where do I find a list of all the wristband deals?

    Answer: All wristband deals will be listed online here. However when you collect your wristband you'll also receive a Feelsummer Booklet containing a full list of the offers available through out Magaluf and Mallorca
  • What does 'Applicable To Wristband Holder Only' mean?

    Answer: 'Applicable To Wristband Holder Only' means that the discount can only be applied to your ticket. For example, you and your friend would both need a Feelsummer wristband in order to receive the discount on both tickets.
  • Can restaurant discounts be stacked for every wristband in the group?

    Answer: No, for restaurants offers, only one lot of discount can be applied at once. For example, max discount would be 10%, even if you had 4 people with Feelsummer wristbands.
  • Can I use my wristband discount on the same excursion on different days?

    Answer: Yes, you can use your wristband discount more than once on all the excursions offered. For example if you wanted to rent Jet Skis on Monday and Thursday, one lot of discount will be applied for each of the bookings.
  • Can I use my wristband at the same restaurant more than once throughout my holiday?

    Answer: Yes, for example if you went to Blackbeard's Monday and Wednesday, you would get 10% discount on Mondays food bill, and then 10% on Wednesdays food bill.
  • Can I use my discount codes on any other website?

    Answer: No, all discount codes are made for use on only