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Airport Guidelines

With airports set to become busier over the next few months, the government has set out guidelines for people who are due to fly.

- Social Distancing of 2 Meters for people outside of your bubble.

- You should not travel if you are experiencing any symptoms.

- You are only allowed in the airport if you are travelling. Those not flying are not allowed in the terminal.

- Masks to be worn in the airport (Please check your local airport).

- Temperature screening on entry into security (Please check your local airport).

- Protective screens will be in place on desks.

- Check in online if possible, to minimise face to face contact.

Flight Guidelines

Below are the current flight guidelines. Some airlines may have other safety measures in place, so please check with your airline.

- Face covering must be worn at all times. These should only be removed to eat or drink, take medication, avoid harm or injury, communicate with someone who relies on lip reading.

- You should remain seated as much as possible.

- Follow instructions from the crew.

- Reduction in food and drink service.

- Notify staff for use of the toilet and movement on the plane.

Resort Guidelines

As more and more tourists arrive in Mallorca each day, it is important you understand the current guidelines which the Spanish government have implemented.

- Bars and restaurants are running at a reduced capacity, with social distancing measures in place.

- Faces masks must be carried with you at all times. If not you run the risk of receiving a fine.

- Face Masks must be worn at all times in public spaces. Exceptions: At the Beach / Around Swimming Pools / During Sporting Activities / Eating or Dining.

- Swimming pools and beaches are open, but social distancing rules must be adhered too.

- Hotels may be running at reduced facilities (Please contact hotel)

14 Day Quarantine lifted from 10th July

As the guidelines are constantly being monitored and changed, please check with your hotel and flight provider for more information.

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Correct as of 10th July 2020.

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