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So as the summer comes to an end we’d like to say a BIG BIG thank you to all of our Feelsummer reps who have worked with us this summer. From the early starts to the annoying pissed up customers, this years team have been a pleasure to work with.

Ben Morris
Big Boss at the Beach Bar stand. Our first year working with Ben and it’s been a pleasure. If you’ve been to Magaluf this summer and been to PIRATES RELOADED, then more than likely you’ve been introduced to Ben. Ben holds a Guiness world record for attending the RELOADS SHOW this summer.

Emma Brooks
One of the resort managers of Feelsummer and the Magaluf Booze Cruise. Famous for her love of Olives, Pringles, Hollyoaks and FEELSUMMER nights out. Always smiling and always happy (Unless she’s hungover)

Dan Brennan
One of the resort managers and also responsible for all VIP resort bookings. Swearing loyalty to FEELSUMMER Dan has a FEELSUMMER (FS) Tattood on his leg. We’ve had lots of mad nights out with Dan – Many leading into Dan not showing up to work the next morning.

Seana Garty
Best known in resort as VIP Seana. This summer Seana worked as one of the managers at the Beach bar. Seana was responsible for organising the live audience for Love Island finals. In addition Seana was also responsible for drinking MCP’s VIP Bar dry. Also Swearing loyalty to FEELSUMMER Seana has a FEELSUMMER (FS) Tattood on her leg

Louise Walker
A late comer to the team but fitted in perfect. This summer Louise supervised the Beach Bar stand. Always wearing sunglasses to hide her hangover and always found hitting the main strip with Co worker Seana. Also Swearing loyalty to FEELSUMMER Louise has a FEELSUMMER (FS) Tattood on her leg.

In memory of our summer we have gathered up a few of the more legal images – for what we can only describe as another epic summer in Magaluf.

If you’ve partied with us this summer and are interested in working abroad in Magaluf next summer, then why not apply to work with us here. Work hard play harder.

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