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So this week has seen the announcement of a monumental challenge – to resurrect what was once the heart of Magaluf…

The place everyone in Magaluf used to start at before crowd surfing the waves on the main strip or hitting the legendary super club BCM. Live DJs, podium dancers, concerts, shows, beer towers, and a whole lot more is what the infamous BCM SQUARE once stood for.

From the beginning, this was always the place to be and for anyone travelling to Magaluf, they had to go BCM SQUARE. Now 4 years on from its demise, the challenge to bring BCM square back to life is about to begin and from what we’ve already been told, it’s going to be epic!

The project has been taken on by 2 Bar owners of multiple successful bars in Magaluf and young whiz kid Ben Morris. Bens recently leaked plans to reform the square have already started to create massive hype and we couldn’t be more excited.

We all know it’s the World Cup this summer and what better way to enjoy the games than at the newly named Magaluf Square. They literally could not have timed this any better! Three massive screens, 1000s of sun kissed patriotic fans, the national anthem, outdoor bars and the sun on your back – what more could you want? Without a doubt this will be the number one place to be this summer!

To find out more of what’s actually happening with Magaluf Square, Feelsummer headed down to the square and over a nice gin n tonic (because we’re trying to lose weight) we sat down with the new owners to shine a little more light on the project ahead.

Q. Tell us about your plans for the Square. Starting with the bars, what’s the plan? ATM there’s Coyote Ugly, Bobby’s Tavern and MTV Base; will these bars stay the same or are you planning a complete revamp?

Since announcing that the square will open the response has been amazing. We did not actually understand how important the square was to Magaluf everyone loves it! We have huge plans to bring the square back to life starting with Bobbys Tavern. The idea is to build a Beirkeller style Bar with live music and a party atmosphere. MTV base will be transformed to The Warehouse WHP bringing that underground Ibiza type of vibe were nothing but the music matters. Different events will be hosted on certain nights of the week and we have got some great djs and hosts lined up already. Coyote ugly is what it is, I’ve always been told not to fix things that aren’t broken but we do have some fresh ideas to give the place a new lease of life.

Q. Paint us a picture…. we’re seeing podium dancers, fire shows, arcades, food? Have we guessed right?

You have guessed completely right! If the people want it we will give it to them.

Q. What about Bay Watch and Zoo will they be open?

Hopefully yes! It’s not nice to see places closed. The important thing to realise is that these places aren’t shut because of short demand. Magaluf is buzzing every season so we need to accommodate and give the people what they want.

Q. The old square as we remember used to host concerts, live shows. Is this included in your plans?

Our plans are huge! Concerts and live shows are great for the resort and it’s what everyone wants to see including us.

Q. Will it be family friendly or you aiming for more the party hard crowd?

Magaluf is changing and we want to accommodate everyone. For sure there will be areas to enjoy a drink and their holiday and we will make sure that they feel comfortable. The square is for everyone including people who want to party and also enjoy themselves.

Q. 2nd time around what makes you so confident that the square will return triumphantly?

The square is the square and people love it from the evidence we have seen over the last few days on social media. We are fresh, young and enthusiastic about what we do and we want to produce the perfect place for people to enjoy their holidays. Simple!

Q. Well throw this one in for promo…. do you have all your staff secured yet?

Haha, building a team as big as what we need is going to take time. If you are looking for a job in the summer and think you have what it takes to be an asset to the square then please message our Facebook page and we will give you instructions on how to apply. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Q. Last but not least when is the grand opening?

Hopefully we can get this turned around quickly and opened up the first week in April.

So there you have it at straight from the horse’s mouth, light as day. In summary the square is back and with a f**k off massive bang!

All we need back now is BCM 😉

For more info on the square and any new events keep checking back at Magaluf’s official clubbing guide –

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