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Steve Aoki to open Stage for Maga 2018

Steve Aoki to open Stage in Magaluf this summer 2018

World renowned DJ Steve Aoki will be bringing his own unique style back to Magaluf this year. He will be opening STAGE at BH Mallorca Hotel on Thursday 14th June with a very special performance to kick off the summer.

If you’re after a crazy, but memorable night, look no further than this.

WARNING: if you get too drunk, it may not be so memorable. Probably still fun though!

It couldn’t be easier to get hold of tickets for this event and it’s only £45. All you’ve got to do is make a £10 deposit with today, make sure you pay the rest before the party, and bob’s your uncle.

You can reserve your tickets here

If you’re lucky, you might get to see one his classic cake throws into the audience!

We recommend you get your tickets now and follow our guide for having a class night in five simple steps.

Get out of bed, no later than 5pm. First, make sure you’re alive after the previous night. Once you know for certain, you can fix yourself a drink. Vodka and Whiskey are the best if you’ve just woken up.

Find a Steve Aoki mix and blast it out, as loud as you can, through whatever speakers you can get hold of. Try this one:

Freshen up. Don’t be a scruff, have a wash, maybe a quick shave and wear something smart. Add a little spray of something nice and you’re good to go!

The event doors will open around 8ish, but don’t be soft and turn up bang on time. You need to let it liven up first. Carry on drinking – have a few shots and maybe a bit of scran. Don’t eat anything that will look minging if you throw up later. Spaghetti, curry and anything with mushrooms are a no go area.

Rack up about 9pm when the party is well and truly bouncing. Get involved on the dancefloor, make a tit out of yourself and enjoy it! Once the party is over, it’s time for you to head down the strip… and never look back.

Steve Aoki facts

  • Steve Aoki started in 1996 and founded his own label called Dim Mak Records
  • He is a man in the know and has worked with a number of music icons, including, AFROJACK and Fall Out Boy
  • His critically acclaimed album Wonderland was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2013
  • He is the founder of the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which raises money for global humanitarian relief organizations – basically he’s a proper sound guy.

If all that isn’t enough to convince you, then seriously, what is wrong with you?

Get your tickets now and avoid missing out.

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