Magaluf Hen Party Survival Guide

Planning a hen party in Magaluf this summer? When it comes to letting your hair
down, it’s best to be prepared…

We’ve come up with the ultimate survival guide to help you and your girls make the most out of your hen holiday in Magaluf. After all, it’s the last holiday the bride-to-be will have as a single woman, so give her the send off she deserves in this European party paradise. From sun cream to plasters and everything in between, we’ll help you survive the Magaluf crash course of alcohol, sex and partying till the sun goes down!

Suncream. Seriously. We’ve all experienced sunburn at one point or another, so don’t let it spoil your hen party - if you’re hungover and tired, make sure you have plenty of suncream on before you take a little siesta.

Choose as good a hotel as you can. Although you’ll be spending the majority of your time partying and exploring, a nice hotel will offer you a decent night’s sleep, taking away the chance of anyone’s grumpiness ruining your hen weekend. Air conditioning is also paramount in keeping your hens happy on your Magaluf holiday...

Don't bother going out before midnight - use these hours for something useful, like napping… or pre-drinking.
Stick to the golden rule - ‘What Happens In Maga, Stays In Maga’. If some of the hen party are single, let them let their hair down without the having to worry about what people think… Although a few jokes about pulling a minger are okay every now and again, right?
* This rule applies to embarrassing emotional outbursts and drink-fuelled and stress-related arguments. These will happen, but it's best to forgive and forget.

Say no to heels, don’t even pack them. The main fun in Magaluf is getting drunk, so avoid being Spain’s version of Bambi on ice - you wouldn’t want to spend your hen party in A&E after all.

STICK TOGETHER! Unlike a night out in your local town, keep your girls together as it’s easy to get lost. Look out for each other, even if some of your friends are prone to straying.

Avoid usual bodycon dresses, and anything fancy for that matter. Not only will you boil, they’ll also inevitably get spilt on. Think vest tops and denim shorts.

If a guy says, 'I'm not trying to pull you', he's probably trying to pull you. Subtle.
Pack some poolside reading, you’re guaranteed to get bored of Heat magazine at some point.
Blister plasters - You might not have to fear heels, but even flip-flops can be lethal. Pack loads of plasters so you never have to leave a hen behind!

Before a night out, make sure your PJs, make-up wipes and a bottle of water are all within easy reach, it makes things much easier for when you crash in at 5am not really knowing what day it is, let alone where you left your pajamas..

Before you set off, have a sleeping plan of who’s staying with who. For example, don’t put your tidiest hen in with the messiest, or else a volcanic eruption of angriness is bound to happen when one too many clothes are left on the floor...

Accept that boys will always outnumber girls in Magaluf. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing - take advantage of it. You’d be surprised how many free drinks your hens can get out of it!
Say goodbye to your diet, because Magaluf knows how to do all kinds of naughty foods… Chips, kebabs, chicken, all not great for the pre-wedding weight loss!

Don't be afraid of the strip, or make a fool out of yourself - you’re on a Magaluf hen party to create memories, so make them hilarious and unforgettable!

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Relax and enjoy, you only have a hen party once!