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Feel Summer caught up with the man himself for an exclusive interview ahead of his live show in Magaluf this summer.

Hip Hop heavyweight Fatman Scoop is the man who needs no introduction.

If you have been within ten miles of a club in the past decade, chances are you will have been bouncing to one of his many anthemic tracks.

The New York native is billed as the best “hype man” in the business and has collaborated with some of the globe’s biggest names.

His booming voice has blasted out on records by Mariah Carey, LL Cool J and Missy Elliott and he has earned legendary status on club scenes from Miami to Magaluf.

Fifteen years have passed since his 1999 smash single “Be Faithful” shot to Number 1 in the UK and had nightclubs jumping worldwide.

With the lyrics “You got a hundred dollar bill put ya hands up”, the song has become truly iconic and is still a dancefloor-filling favourite with clubbers in 2014.

The Grammy Award-winning artist remains one of the most regonisable and ubiquitous figures in Hip Hop and R&B and has just teamed up with Skrillex and Kill The Noise for big bassline banger “ID”.

Globe-trotting Scoop is set to touch down in Magaluf this summer to bring some of that famous hype to the mic at Boomerangs.



Q. So Scoop your back in Magaluf this summer – what is it about the place that keeps you coming back?

A. The fun! The excitement! The crazy kids!!!!! The ENERGY!!! That’s what makes me keep coming back ­- all of that is contagious!!!!



Q. Can you remember the first time you came to Magaluf and what was it like?

A. Yes!!! It was AMAZING. I love it when I can touch the people!!! When the place shakes!



Q.You have been called the “master of hype” – how do you get the crowd going and what can fans expect from the show at Boomerang this summer?

A. A party where people can expect to hear the hottest music, sing along, jump, go berserk and put their hands up!!!!!



Q. You’re a New Yorker – how does to club scene in the US compare to Magaluf?

A. Well, US versus the rest of the world is a little different.

Anywhere that you go outside the US people have more respect for the music.

In general they are real fans of the music.

In the USA they get to see all these artists much more so they feel like they can reach or touch them or access them at any time.

Overseas they see them less, so they respect it more and are more invested when the artist comes to their city.


Q. You get about a lot. Where is the strangest place you have ever done a gig?

A. In a barn at an event called “Stampede” in Calgary, Canada. Stampede is a cowboy/rodeo event.

The floor had hay and mud on it and they were playing Country and Western music.

I just jumped on the mic, put a cowboy hat on and started screaming “weee haw!” (Cowboy style).



Q. Be Faithful is still pumping out in clubs – did you think at the time it would have such an impact?

A. Actually I didn’t. I knew it was good, but I had no idea it would be this.

I just looked at it as another record in my career. I never thought it would be something that got this big.


Q.Why has it become such an iconic track?

A. Because it has the perfect amount of things that are said that make the crowd go nuts.

“U got a hundred dollar bill” – everyone wants to say they have money.

“All the chickenheads be quiet” – no one wants to be a chickenhead.

“What’s ya zodiac sign” – everyone has a zodiac sign. Hey ho! Memorable chant. Everyone knows it!



Q.You have collaborated with some of the biggest names in music – tell us some of your favorites.

A. No favourites! Every one of them was special in some kind of way!



Q. Did you always aspire to be in the music game?

A. Always. I knew what I wanted to do from the age of 11!!!



Q. According to Wikipedia you got the name Fatman Scoop from Fugees star Lauryn Hill – how did it come about?

A. Not True! It came from my Uncle Jack. He used to always buy me ice cream every day. He was the one who named me scoop.



Q.What is hot that you are listening to at the moment?

A. Nick Waterhouse “Time’s All Gone”, the new Mase record and Steve Aoki “Boneless”.


Q. What advice would you give people looking for love in Magaluf this summer?

A. Don’t look for it, let it come to you!!! Shagaloof!!!


Q. Final Question – What are you working on at the moment? Any new and exciting projects in the pipeline?

A. Got a lot of records coming!!! Projects coming with EDM and urban artists.

DJ Benyto, Remo,The Hitmaker, DJ Kazzanova, Lil’ Mo, D Squad and others. Lots of music coming!


Well that takes us to the end so thanks Scoop and we look forward to catching up with you this summer in Magaluf!

For more info on when scoop will be performing in Magaluf this summer check out our events calendar.

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