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Magaluf’s DJ Chris Williams



Check out our exclusive Interview with Magaluf’s Resident DJ Chris Williams. Exclusive to feelsummer DJ Chris Williams shares his Magaluf Journey starting with where and how it all began.

Name: Chris Williams

Home Town: Hainault, Essex

DJ name: Dj Chris Williams

What do you think to Magaluf’s new clubbing website Great idea, anything to boost the bars and clubs here is a positive, looks a lot more interactive then most holiday websites, for holiday makers seeing there most loved bars (or what bars best to go) best clubs and favourite Dj’s. Found myself looking through 100’s of photos, miss the place lol.. All round thumbs up.

When did you first start DJing: Well im a veteran now, seven or eight years ago I actually started as a Dj, I was hosting and mcing on pirate radio station and at live events in Essex and London, for at least 10 years.( Am I that old). Love my life

When did you first arrive in Magaluf? I arrived here 6-7 years ago, just on holiday, never looked back really, to be honest this is my home away from home. Love the place.

Where can we find you DJing in Magaluf and when?  Last season I had a ball, playing in ALEXS R&B where I was resident with DJ Essence, I was involved in an weekly event at TOKIO JOES called JOY and in MULLIGANS a weekly event called DOOLALLY. Hopefully from April 2012 I will be at the same events plus more… this space details.

Describe your style? I like playing more R&B/ HIPHOP, UK FUNKY, UKG. To be honest loving all types of music, from 80’s rare groove to house and indie. To sum up versatile lol

How did you end up DJing in Magaluf? I had no intention of being out here long term as I said I came on holiday, an opportunity to DJ in DOWNUNDER in BCM SQUARE came along and I grabbed it with both hands, best thing I’ve ever done really.

Can you explain your first ever DJ set in Magaluf and where? DOWNUNDER was the venue and if you want the truth, cant remember much…… too many jagers lol

Can you Describe your funniest moment when djing Magaluf? Oh my, there are so many funny times, oh my god, im trying to think manWhen people are drunk, they entertain me more than anyting. People asking for 2 Jack Daniels and Coke while im mixing thinking im the barman, people falling over and when I tell you I have seen all sorts in this place, and I mean all sorts (Get ur arses here and see for yourself )      

As Magaluf is seasonal can you tell us what you’ve been doing this winter?  This winter I’m gonna spend as much time as I can in the studio, a decent tune will raise your profile awareness I feel. Dont worry if I think its shit I won’t play it lol

When are you back in Magaluf? 1st of April, and no its not an April fools.

Are you looking forward to Magaluf summer 2012? Can’t wait, feel im improving all the time, theres no better practice, then playing live and working with the crowd day in day out ….if you make mistakes u get found out for sure

What should holiday makers  definitely do whilst in Magaluf? 1st of all come see me wherever im playing, a bit of free plugging there…….but for me the best nights I have had out personally is Mallorca Rocks. Seeing the best DJ’s such as Doorly, Zane Lowe, mark ronson and live acts in all genre of music, literally on my doorstep is just epic. Also have fun, be safe and rave hard.

What should holiday makers avoid doing whilst in Magaluf? STAY AWAY FROM THE POLICE………..behave yourselfs, they are nutters fact

Have you any advice for any one who is thinking of working in Magaluf? Best years of my life been spent here, met some of the best people I know, real life time friends. Do it Do it Do it

If you was to sum up Magaluf in one sentence what would you say? Viva el sueno, (live the dream)

Finally would you like to give a shout out to any body or any place out there? Yeah there are so many people I would love to shout out. Javier Pedreira Henandez was the first person to give me a DJ job out here, absolute legend, will always help you no matter what. Hansom Tom and Dj Nigel Boyce always good for advice. Dj Rich e Rich & Dj Hugo Jones for putting me in contact with the right peeps and involving me in their events. Massive shout out to DJ Essence, worked with him all this year, watching this talented DJ has improved my skills no end, come see us next year gonna tear it up. By the way watch out for the new tracks by Hugo jones and Oliver knight tracks are unreal. Adios see ya in 2012

If you wanna hear more from Willo then click on his Facebook link below.


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