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Buy your designer Gandys Flip Flips

Designer Gandys Flip Flips

This Summer Feelsummer are proud to be working with Gandys.

If you haven’t already heard Gandys are a new and stylish flip flop label created by two brothers who lost their parents in the Boxing Day tsunami ten years ago. Inlight of their loss they refused to let their horrendous experience get the better of them – and a decade later have found themselves at the head of a company helping other orphans around the world.

Having now created a stylish range of flip flops, Ganyds donate 10% of every sale to helping disadvantaged children across the world.

You can checkout their range of styles at Gandys.

enter promo code ‘FEELSUMMER’ and you’ll receive 10% off

For more info about who Gandys are and how they are shaping the fashion industry please read more below.


Born from a simple idea at a music festival, Gandys was created by brothers Rob and Paul. With a bohemian upbringing travelling and volunteering all over the world the brothers wanted to create something unique and driven by their personal passion after the tragic loss of their parents in the Boxing Day Tsunami whilst the family was travelling.

The brothers founded Gandys with the vision of creating a sustainable social enterprise that would help but also inspire others to create change.

The “Orphans for Orphans” mission, which supports children in need of basic essentials such as nutrition, shelter and education, has already started to make an impact by funding children’s homes in India and Sri Lanka and the vision is to open them all around the world.

Designed in London. Inspired by travel. Fueled by giving back.

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