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5 reasons you need to be at Creamfields 2016

How can you sum up the experience of Creamfields to someone who has never been? Celestial, outrageous, magical, mental.
We’ve tried to sum it up here with words, but it’s a phenomenon that almost defies description.
Nothing can quite capture the essence of Creamfields without being right there in the moment.
Here are 5 reasons to get your tickets in 2016…

1 The Line Up
Why do Creamfields keep doing this to us? Every year we promise ourselves we’ll have a quiet Bank Holiday weekend – see out the dying embers of summer sat out in the garden with few cans and a chilled out Ibiza playlist.

Then it drops. The Creamfields line-up. It’s a calling. It’s like a religious epiphany where commandments etched in stone are handed down from God.
We’re not even sure God himself could conjure up such musical majesty in human form.
Hardwell, Van Buuren, Van Dyk, Tiesto, Aviici – so many towering figures. If there was truly an earthly pantheon of greats, these would be the names immortalised in stone.

Every faith from the vast church of dance has a home at Creamfields – dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, techno, trance – you name it, it’s there.
Bang goes that quiet weekend

People talk about the ‘glory days’, but dance music in its broadest sense is going through a renaissance.
This is the golden era. We’re living those halcyon days right now that in 20 years people will look back on with wistful longing.
We’ll tell our kids ‘Creamfields 2015, we were there.’

Sell your car, sell organs, sell your soul, sell lemonade at the end of your street – just make sure you’re on it in 2016.

2. The Camping
There was once a time without camping at Creamfields. Yes it’s hard to imagine now, with the bustling city of tents becoming as integral to the festival experience as the mud, the music and the madness.

Many moons ago Creamfields existed for just one day a year – ephemeral, fleeting and finite. When the day was done, the music stopped, the lights went out and that was it, for another 365 days.
It was like Christmas without the Boxing Day, the swansong concert without the final encore.

But 2009 was a transformative moment in the history of this grand old festival. It was the year the tents came and it changed the whole complexion of Creamfields.
No longer did it feel like a flash in the pan or a passing dream, camping became the experience. Three glorious days of hedonism, high hopes and higher planes amidst humanity in all its heterogeneous forms.

The war might have ended in 1945, but some of that Great British blitz spirit still exists in the fields of Daresbury.

Working for feelsummer we’ve stayed in the plush luxury of the BH Hotel in Mallorca, Ushuai ibiza and the Ibiza Rocks with plush rooms, pools and a plethora of DJs playing right outside your room. We loved every second of it.
But this is different. Among the tents, the flags, the gazebos, the beer funnels and folk just sleeping under the stars, there’s a real feel of what a festival should be.
It’s Cream in its most raw and essential form.

3. The Atmosphere
Wow. Just wow. It’s pointless even trying to describe the vibe at Creamfields. Words are not enough to articulate it. Pictures don’t even come close. Video will never do justice to the feeling of ecstasy and overwhelming elation at being there, in the fields with 50,000 dance music disciples going absolutely mental. It truly is 3 days of ultimate madness.

You just have to be there, totally immersed in the Creamfields experience to even come close to understand what it means.
Part of that emanates from the liberating feeling of leaving life at the door. There are no bills, no 9 to 5, no rat race, no screaming kids. You’ve got 72 hours off from the world – you could be on a whole other planet in those hallowed fields.

That sense of ultimate freedom is very potent – and when you’ve got thousands of people on that same wavelength, the feeling is electric.
Then there’s the main arena. More than 200 acts, 10 stages, lights, lasers and a leviathan sound system you can feel reverberating down to the marrow of your bones. Creamfields knows how to generate an atmosphere.

You can feel the hair standing up on the back of your neck, the butterflies dancing in your stomach and the adrenaline throbbing in your veins as a massive tune builds up. Excitement is palpable, expectation is ubiquitous and then the beat drops.

Madness! Seeing the sea of ravers, arms aloft and swirling like a storm is just incredible. It’s sensory overload. Its that quadruple espresso moment were your bodies movement is taken over by the music.

If you have a bucket list of things to experience before you die, this should be right at the very top.

4. The People

Call us sentimental, but the greatest thing about a festival is the people. You could strip away the lights, take away the rides and attractions, tear down the tents, cancel the big names and just have a field, speakers a DJ…and Creamfields would still be the greatest weekend of your entire life.

Creamfields comprises a multitude of different elements – some obvious like the staging, the sound system and the stellar acts, some less tangible like the feeling of freedom and the spirit of Cream ‘92 that still lives on. But there’s one thing that binds all these elements together, that brings life and energy to the whole thing – and that’s the people.

Creamfields is built on the people, the community, the camaraderie – the crowd make the festival and the festival make the crowd. It’s a beautiful symbiosis that strengthens down the years. That’s why it’s still Britain’s oldest and best dance music festival.

Just when you think the movement has reached its zenith, Creamfields finds a higher level. That’s what keeps people coming back.

To be able to share this experience with our closest friends year on year is a privileg. This year we met u with one of Creamfields longest standing ravers – shout out to Johnny Reynolds.

If you’ve never been, you will have never encountered anything like it – 3 days of ultimate dance madness.
People cross oceans and move mountains to be here. All on the same level. All on cloud f**king 9.

5. Summer Blow Out

It’s the end of August. The bank holiday weekend. September will soon be here, summer will soon be gone. Back to work, back to school, back to reality And your summer holiday memories already start to fade away.
What better way to sign off the summer than a monumental three-day blow out in a field alongside your nearest and dearest, under the sun and stars with the world’s greatest DJs?

This is what summer has been building up to. This is the perfect way to end it.

We’ve been partying hard in Mallorca and Ibiza throughout June, July and August.
The balmy Balearic Islands have been our home, the magnificent Cream Ibiza at Amnesia and Cream Mallorca at BCM have been our summer stomping grounds.

While life on the White Isle is a blessed existence, there’s no place like home.
Nowhere beats Britain when festival season’s in full bloom…and British summer means Creamfields. Ray Bans and raving, wellies and wild nights, ice cold cider drenched in late summer sun.

You could spend a full season out in the Med and not see the same variety of DJs crammed into 72 sensational hours at Creamfields.
Who said life was a marathon not a sprint?


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