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Club Giant BCM begins Refurb for Magaluf 2020

Like nothing Magaluf has ever seen before.

Exciting News

With Magaluf 2020 around the corner – BCM has undergone an exciting refurb and its like nothing Magaluf has ever seen before!

For years BCM has attracted 100s of 1000s of visitors from around the world, attracting world class DJ’s and artists such as Hardwell, Skrillex, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Nervo Tiesto, Snoop Dog, Steve Aoki, and many more. In its prime BCM was ranked one of the top 10 Super Clubs in the world, playing a major role in the shaping of what Magaluf’s Night scene is today.

As BCM Pulls the curtain on an incredible era of Dance, a new and exciting era for BCM emerges. The new BCM promises a whole new concept for any holiday maker wanting a clubbing experience like never before. Tour Operators and event Organisers from around the world are already now branding the new BCM as a GAME CHANGER and after our private tour inside the club, we also can confirm that the new BCM is indeed a GAME CHANGER!!!!!

Expect live singers, DJ’s, Dancers, Water Fountain Shows, Acrobatic Performers flying over your head, a world class linear light show and more.

Holiday makers can now expect a jam packed night of entertainment at Magaluf’s brand new Vegas style club. Think Coco Bongos Cancun, Omnio Club Vegas and Dior and we have a brand new contender for one of the best super clubs in the world.

In light of BCM’s new image, BCM will now no longer offer All Inclusive Bar. Customer will now have the option to purchase quality drinks from the new bars. Although we can’t leek to much information about this, what we can say is that BCM will now have 3 brand new VIP areas appealing to all budget ranges and a chance to rub shoulder with the stars.

*Important! Millenium Club under BCM – will remain with an All Inclusive Bar.

So there we have it the brand new BCM. As we get more information we’ll post it so check back soon.

For tickets and events scheduled for BCM this summer 2020 check back soon as all events and tickets will be listed on our Official Magaluf Events calendar 2020 here.

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