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Please be aware of the above SCAM website, trading by the name of SUMMER EVENT TICKETS. Please note that they have no relations with us ‘FEELSUMMER’. As far as we know this is a SCAM WEBSITE. They have copied our text and content in the attempt to gain sales from vulnerable customers traveling to Magaluf. If in doubt always check that they are a registered trading company.

Buying tickets to a major event is often tough work, but scam ticket sites make it tougher still. We’ve identified some tell-tale signs to stop you getting ripped-off.

Ways to spot a scam ticketing site.

1. Company details, such as the ‘About us’ link, are missing. All reputable websites will have a section telling you about the company, often under an ‘About us’ link. This will contain details about what the company does and where they are registered, so it’s not a good sign if you can’t find it.

2). There’s no address or contact telephone number. Scam sites will often omit to include an address or contact number – for obvious reasons – so this is another good giveaway that a website isn’t all it appears be.

3) It looks like a replica of a trusted site. This may sound obvious. In the above case the (SUMMER EVENT TICKETS) Has copied feelsummer and its content – but scam sites can often be given away by their similarity to other, official websites. Many scam sites have a very similar design and layout to trustworthy online retail sites, with a few small differences in design or a similar sounding name.

If you have any suspicions on other Magaluf websites that you suspect as a scam then please inform carl@www.feelsummer.com

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