Check out our exclusive  back stage Interview with Magaluf’s Notorious BCM Resident - DJ GOTTI . Exclusive to feelsummer DJ GOTTI shares his Magaluf Journey so far starting with where and how it all began.

David Gott

Home Town

DJ name
Dj Gotti

Hi Gotti, what do you think to Magaluf's new clubbing website 'Feelsummer.com'
Yea it looks mint, very professional, easy to use and everything you need to know about maggga

When did you first start DJing
When I was bought 14, I begged my mam for a pair of decks for my birthday, I started doing a couple of house partys etc and then I got my big break when I was 16 and I got a job in a pub in middlesbrough called the welly being an apprentice dj for my mates sisters boyfriend, it was mint.

When did you first arrive in Magaluf
April 99, bloody hell that sounds years ago

Where can we find you DJing in Magaluf and when
In BCM and Millenium everynight from april to october

How did you end up a resident DJ in BCM
I first started djing in magaluf at a bar called the red lion, I used to do very immature things like setting fire to fellas pubic hair, taking the mickey out of everyone walking past the bar and also playing loads of mint tunes to get everyone jumping. luckily the boss from BCM, Gordon Phillips used to come in and I suppose he thought I was quite good, he offered me a weekly residency doing the last 2 hours of the foam partys in BCM and then it went from there and Im now a slave to BCM.

Can you explain your first ever DJ set at BCM
Yea I was shitting myself, it seemed like there was 3000 people in front of me, but it was probably 300, I remember Gordon (the gaffer) introducing me on the mic and I was buzzing even though he called me gippy gobshite, then I just remember thinking bloody hell this is mint!, I hope get to dj here again and thankfully Im still here.

Can you Describe your funniest moment in BCM
somebody went to a popcorn party who had a false ear(no joke), obviously everybody goes mental when the popcorn comes out, this person got their false ear knocked off whilst jumping around, I had to stop the popcorn and ask 1500 people to search for a false ear in the popcorn, fortunately somebody found it (they shouted its ear ha) but it didnt exactly look lke an ear after hundreds of people had been jumping up and down on it ha.

As Magaluf is seasonal can you tell us what you've been doing this winter

I've been pretty busy doing Bcm tour nights and Uv parties. I also have 4 residencies, Players Bar Sheffield, Liquid Nightclub Leicester, Zu Bar Rhyll and Revolution Loughborough

When are you back in Magaluf

Are you looking forward to Magaluf summer 2012
Yes I cant bloody wait, It's going to be mental every year the place just gets better and better.

What should holiday makers  definitely do whilst in Magaluf
Go to bcm, pirates show, green parrot (boro bar), Red Lion bar, the beach, the jungla hotel, a foam party, water party, wet tshirt comp, mcdonalds, kfc and burger king for spanish fine dining.

what should holiday makers avoid doing whilst in Magaluf
Dont go on them yellow mopeds they are dangerous you will look a tit

Have you any advice for any one who is thinking of working in Magaluf
Just do it, come out early may, get a hotel for 2 weeks, then you will have time to find a job and somewhere to live, finding somewhere to live is harder than finding a job so make that your priority.

If you was to sum up Magaluf in one sentence what would you say
You will either love it or hate it

Finally would you like to give a shout out to any body or any place out there

Big shout out to everybody I know in magaluf, bars such as the green parrot, red lion and resturaunt real dions (lovely shoulder of lamb)