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Please exercise caution when booking your Kavos Event Tickets online and only purchase with trusted Event ticket suppliers. If you have any concerns or think your have fallen victim to fake tickets, please get in touch with one of our Feelsummer Reps Here

We have recently seen a huge increase in phone calls and enquiries regarding certain websites and if they are safe to use. Unfortunately there are a few Kavos websites out there - solely created to take your money then just like that they disappear. Like any good scam, these websites aim to look real - using stolen images and content from other websites. Nobody wants to be that one guy in the group explaining where all their friends' money has gone. Simply follow our safety steps below and all will be fine.

The below are industry standards which every professional company should adhere to.


Unfortunately the nature of a scammer is to create a false sense of trust by illegally paying for Fake reviews. To spot who is fake, look out for websites who claim to have 1000's of reviews, happy customers and who claim to be "the biggest and longest running events company in Kavos". If this was true, then in fact they should indeed at the very least have over 100 reviews, but in fact, if you check they will only have around 10 reviews due to their fake reviews being removed and blocked.


We have also been made aware of Kavos Events companies using generic Photoshop images to pretend they have Offices in Kavos. The fact that they are photoshopping their logo onto a photoshop image says it all.....


Like cold callers - a scammer will see that you’ve liked a recent Kavos picture or post and ADD YOU ON FACEBOOK. The scammer will be friendly, inviting you to their webpage for special deals on Kavos event tickets and packages. You wouldn’t go down a dark alley with a stranger, so you sure as hell shouldn’t be following strangers asking you to come to their website and hand them your card details. If you are approached, then the best thing to do is SHARE the message with Feelsummer and we will happily report this to the local police.


Always check to see if the website is legitimate by checking if they are registered under a company name. This is a good way to check if the website owners are who they say they are. By LAW any website involving payment transactions needs to declare a company name and number - normally situated in the footer of the website like below. If there is no company name, address or contact number then do the math…. Make note that the website could also be using a fake company number so take a minute and verify the company number Here If you are not able to see the company details then the chance of your receiving a refund is 0%.


Many websites claim they are Official providers for events such as the FULL MOON PARTY. To check what your reading is TRUE, check the socials of the venues each event is being held at. If that particular venue isn't promoting that event, then we would advise not to book. For example at Feel Summer we only sell the official FULL MOON PARTY hosted at Oceans Beach and Mambos Terrace and have been for the last 10 years. If you check Mambos and Oceans social accounts i.e. Instagram and Facebook, you will see how they are actively promoting the FULL MOON PARTY held at Oceans Beach and Mambos Terrace.


Every e-commerce company should provide you with a contact phone number and email address. If you're having doubts, why not call the number on the site and see who picks up the phone. If it's a steel yard company in Wales then we'd probably just hang up as that's quite simply the definition of a SCAM! Also a good tact is to email the website to see an email response time or even if they respond at all. The last contact option would be to write them a letter but that's too much hassle really. If the website doesn’t have any of the above - CONTACT NUMBER, EMAIL or ADDRESS, then what happens if you need to contact them or if you need to alter your booking?


In such a saturated market, scammers are now also turning to social media, setting up accounts then paying for 50,000 LIKES so they look legitimate - All in aid of leading (YOU) into a false sense of security. If in doubt you can check the Facebook page FOUNDED date. This will show you exactly how long the company's social page has been ACTIVE for. If the page was only created last week but now has 70k likes then need we say more… IT’S A SCAM!!! You can check a social page's enrol date by clicking on ABOUT on the left menu and then check the FOUNDED date. see example above.

So there we have our top tips. But seriously if you only skimmed through this article just make sure you at least do your research before buying online or just reserve your tickets with us today at FEEL SUMMER. We'd also like to add that at FEELSUMMER we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and adhering to the highest standards online.

If you have any questions or concerns about any scam websites then please get in touch with us via our free phone ticket line on 0800 009 6344 or drop us an email at [email protected]