When Feelsummer first launched back in 2008 Magaluf was saturated with Events. It was hard to work out which events to attend and which ones were just a waste of time and money.

At Feel Summer we deem it our responsibility to only offer the best and approved Magaluf Events. Protecting you, the customer from Hyped up and Low Quality Events. To do this All events sold on Feelsummer are first vetted using our Event Quality Standards – EQS.

Our EQS – Event Quality Standards covers 5 main Event areas. Each Event needs to Provide evidence within all of the 5 main areas. Only Events that score all 5 Areas are listed and SOLD on Feelsummer.com – Magaluf’s Most Trusted Events Company.

Event Licence

Events running without licences are ILLEGAL and are often shut down by Patrolling police. Without a licence the event can be shut down at any time leaving you the customer stranded and with no Refund.

Registered Company

Without a registered company the Event is ILLEGAL. This means no Insurance, no health and Safety, no one to go to if something goes wrong and no one to issue a Refund.


When planning you Magaluf Events Holiday you want things to run as smoothly as possible. Cancelled Events can ruin your holiday especially when your holiday is planned around that one event. With this is mind All events Listed on Feelsummer we consider consistent an reliable when adhering to fixed event dates.

Value for Money

What are you paying for? Are you paying to enter a Bar thats Free to enter anyways? Here we look at the running costs of each event. Allowing us to only offer you events that offer real value for money. Whether the event includes FREE Bar or Access to a Top DJ/Artist this is all accounted in the price.


Your paying money to attend the Event so its only right you expect to be looked after with an element of Hospitality. Our score grade here is based around REP interaction and customer care. When you arrive at the event are you welcomed and looked after?


Ok so what have you paid for? Here we look at the animation and entertainment value. Many events promise FIRE SHOWS, CANDY FLOSS MACHINES, LIVE ACTS ON STAGE. Its our job here to make sure thats exactly what you get. No more Bull Sh*t fake Events!

So there you have it our EQS For Magaluf 2020. Now you can Book your Magaluf Event tickets with ease!