The Bongo Tour

18 hours of party
Cancun Party Zone
48 hours


What's Included

  • Open Bar from (18 hours)
  • No queues
  • Express Entrance to tour venues
  • Bongos Tour Bracelet
  • Entrance to Coco Bongo Beach Club
  • Entrance to Bongo Bar
  • Entrance to Congo Bar
  • Entrance to Coco Bongo


  • Mobile Ticket: Scannable mobile ticket
  • Age Restriction: 18+
  • Location: Cancun Party Zone

Enjoy 18 hours of party in Cancun! That’s right, you can visit Bongo Bar, Congo Bar and Beach Party Coco Bongo throughout Saturday at the time you prefer so you can organize your day with us. In all places you can enjoy unlimited drinks and different happenings with dancers and acrobats. Are you ready? Bongo Bar (from 9am to 3am) Congo Bar (from 8pm to 3am) Beach Party Coco Bongo (from 9pm to 3am)

Any questions regarding Bongo Tour tickets please email [email protected]


Check-in Coco Bongo Beach Club at 4:00 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I pay my final balance?

    Answer: Please note your remaining balance for The Bongo Tour will need to be paid at the Coco Bongos Beach Club on arrival. Your outstanding Balance will need to be paid in USD.