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Barcelona Pool Party

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Located on the sea front of Barcelona, Go Beach Club offers a true VIP experience for pool parties in Barcelona.
Go Beach Club
17:30 - 23-00
Official Tickets
  • Venue Access
  • Pool Access
  • 1 x Drink
  • Live DJ’s
  • Towels(VIP Beds only)
  • Waiter Service (VIP Beds only)
  • Bar Credit (VIP Beds only)
  • Express Entrance (VIP Beds only)
  • Reserved Beds, Seats & Table VIP Beds only)



Secure card payments


Above is the layout of Go Beach Club Barcelona.

*The amount you pay when booking your VIP area is converted into credit for the consumption of food and beverages. Consumption credit vary on the bed chosen.

Sofa – Row 5 / 6 | Covers 6 people | Includes €300 Credit.

Sofa – Row 2 / 3 / 4 | Covers 6 people | Includes €500 Credit.

Front Stage Sofa | Covers 6 people | Includes €500 Credit.

Pool Sofa | Covers 6 people | Includes €7000 Credit.

Balinese Perimeter | Covers 10 people | Includes €800 Credit.

Balinese Thai | Covers 10 people | Includes €1100 Credit.

Balinese Garden | Covers 10 people | Includes €1500 Credit.

*FOR MORE INFO ON VIP BOOKING ENQUIRIES whatsapp us Here and one of our VIP agents will be in-touch shortly.


Welcome to Go Beach Club, home to one of the most electrifying Pool Parties in Spain! Step into the heart of Barcelona and indulge in the true Ibiza spirit every single day of the week. Get ready to dive into a world of premium luxury and exclusive soirées at Go Beach Club.

Our captivating shows, live music, and talented dancers converge to craft sensational and glamorous gatherings. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure that will leave an indelible mark on your memories. Join us and revel in moments brimming with style, laughter, and sheer exhilaration at Go Beach Club!


Opening Times: Doors open from 5pm

Towel service: VIP Beds Only

Age Restriction: 18+

Dress Code: Pool Party/Casual Attire

Music Type: Urban, Hits, Hip Hop, Reggaeton

Location: Go Beach Club Barcelona


Venue Location: Go Beach Club.

Check-in Time: Go Beach Club Entrance from 17:00 (Arrival deadline 18:00)

All deposit reservations are guaranteed until 18:00, after that time the Beds/Tables/Access or any reservation will be subject to availability and must be consulted at the premises.


Check in must be competed by 18:00.

The price paid for the bed, is converted into credit, which can be spent on food and drink.

Yes, any group size can book a bed, as long the number does not exceed the bed limit.

Were physically possible, the beds will be close together / next to each other. This will just depend on availability at that time.